Appeal to the Milan Mayor

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We provide an adaptation in english of the appeal to the Milan Mayor for the benefit of our international friends who support the inclusive educational model of the “Via Vivaio High School”.

Copy the text below in an email to and specify in the subject ” SOS VIVAIO “, your name and surname.

Your personal data will only be used for the purpose of the appeal to the Milan Mayor, in conformance with Italian data Privacy regulation reported here  :

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SUBJECT : SOS VIVAIO – [Surname, Name]

Appeal to the Milan Mayor

 I, [Nome, Surname, Address, Country, ID Card reference], declare my strong support to the educational model based on music and inclusion in place in the “scuola Media Vivaio” and support their struggle to maintain their autonomy.

The plans released by the City of Milan in June 2017 to remove the autonomy of the “Vivaio high school” and convey it in a large Institution would trigger an immediate disruption of the inclusive educational model which has characterized the school over the past 40 years : the Vivaio high school requires an ad hoc organization in order to fulfill efficiently their mission and facilitate the inclusion of diversely able students.

I advocate that the experience of the Vivaio School can become a source of inspiration for other institutions, and that the Milan City confirms the Vivaio school autonomy in the current form and facilitates the dissemination of their know how, in close relation with the Italian Ministry of Education and the Lombardy Region leaders.

I authorize the “Associazione dei genitori della scuola di Via Vivaio” to transmit my personal data to the Milan Mayor, for the sole scope of this appeal.

Signed : [Name, Surname]